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    Sabzi Dal Full Rice 4 Rotis Salad Pickle

    Sabzi Dal Full Rice 4 Rotis Salad Pickle

Is BhukkadPanti just another tiffin service? (We leave it for you to decide)

If we talk about hygienic cooking, hand picked-good quality-fresh ingredients, variety in menu, healthy non-oily home made tiffin etc., we will definitely sound like every other tiffin service. But then these are the basics without which we should not be in business at all.

Beyond these, a few things that might interest you

Value for Money

Great quality & premium service at
a very reasonable price.

A wholesome meal at just Rs. 79 inclusive
of taxes + Rs. 15 delivery charge"
Customer Service

No false claims here. Give us
a chance to see it for real.

No compromises for existing customers to
acquire & serve new customers

For us you are an individual & not
just one of the many customers.

No fixed plans or packages. Select items & pay
only for what you want

Blend of 9 years of learning from 3
great institutions: IIM Ahmedabad,
Nokia & SMG Convonix

Customer centricity. Strong processes. Smooth
operations. No scale-up issues.
Fully owned
Supply Chain

Even Tiffin Delivery. Full control at
lower costs. Standardized experience.

We will try hard but in rare cases we fail, we will
have no one else to blame but us
7 Days

We will not let you go hungry.

Your hunger will not take a break,
so why should we?

We are complete newbies with no experience in the food industry. The only relationship we have had with food so far is to have eaten a lot of it. So when we think of our business we think as customers first: No saving costs, no cutting corners, no compromises. Just good Food, Service and Pricing that we as consumers would be satisfied with.
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